Different uses of various welding machines


2022-12-26 15:58

Welding machine is a popular product of Changzhou Songming Welding Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
The welding machine has many functions and performances.
Welding machine is widely used in all walks of life, which greatly improves the working efficiency and production of the company.
The welding machine has many characteristics and uses.
Changzhou Songming Welding Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the mechanical industry for many years. There are many kinds of welding machines in terms of welding alone. Let's learn about the types of down welding machines and the functions of different products.
Nowadays, with the diversification of welding workpieces and materials, the types of electric welding machines are becoming more professional. There are mainly the following categories.
(1) AC manual arc welding machine
(2) Argon arc welding machine
(3) DC welder
(4) Carbon dioxide protection welding machine
(5) Submerged arc welding machine
(6) Butt welding machine
(7) Spot welder
(8) High frequency direct welding machine
(9) Roll welder
(10) Aluminum welding machine
(11) Flash pressure welding machine.
(12) Laser welding machine Main welding range and materials of various electric welding machines:
(1) AC manual arc welding machine: mainly welding 2.5mm steel plate
(2) Argon arc welding machine: welding alloy steel below 2MM
(3) DC welding machine: welding pig iron and non-ferrous metals
(4) Carbon dioxide protective welding machine: welding thin materials below 2.5mm
(5) Submerged arc welding machine: welding H steel, bridge and other large steel.
(6) Butt welding machine: mainly annular materials such as welding chain
(7) Spot welder: weld two steel plates by clicking
(8) High frequency direct welding machine: mainly used to weld pipes (such as water pipes)
(9) Rolling welder: welding tank bottom in rolling form
(10) Aluminum welding machine: specially welding aluminum
(11) Flash pressure welding machine: to weld copper aluminum joints and other materials
(12) Laser welding machine: specially welding the internal wiring of the triode.
Now let's look at the classification of welding machines. Welding machines are mainly divided into plastic welding machines and metal welding machines according to materials.
So what are the welding machines applied to? The main technologies are: ultrasonic, high-frequency, plasma, electrothermal, rotary and other ultrasonic welding machines.
Overview It is applicable to the sealing and welding of the ultrasonic guardrail pipe welding machine for 18, 26, 30, 50, 80100 and other O, D, U type guardrail pipe plugs. It does not require glue bonding, and has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple operation, high production efficiency, low defective rate, etc
The operator puts the lamp tube into the fixture, presses the start button, and the two pressing cylinders descend to position the workpiece in the ultrasonic mold cavity. Then the ultrasonic wave is triggered by the action of the ultrasonic welding head. After welding, the cylinder drives the upper mold to reset, and the pressing cylinder rises. The operator takes out the workpiece to complete one operation.
Next, let's look at the basic principle and characteristics of the welding machine
The ultrasonic generator generates 15KHZ high-voltage and high-frequency electrical signals, which are converted into mechanical oscillations of the same frequency through the piezoelectric inverse effect of the transducer. The plastic barrier tube sealing machine, LED barrier tube welding machine, barrier light tube welding equipment, and barrier tube two end sealing machine act on the plastic workpiece in the form of audio longitudinal waves, and the temperature transmitted to the interface increases through the friction between the workpiece surface and internal molecules, When the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, the workpiece interface melts rapidly and then fills the gap between the interfaces. When the vibration stops, the workpiece is cooled and shaped under a certain pressure at the same time to achieve perfect welding.
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is applicable to the welding of plastic products. According to its output power, it can be divided into 900W plastic welding machine, 2600W plastic welding machine, 2600W plastic welding machine, 3200W plastic welding machine, 4200W plastic welding machine, 5600W plastic welding machine, etc.

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